Our program is structured in three phases starting with intense, focused treatment and cognitive-behavioral change therapy. As clients progress, they become more accountable, earn more independence, find employment and learn to overcome obstacles such as transportation. 

These first two phases occur in our facility, which is the unlocked West Wing of the Polk County Jail. Bridges clients at the West Wing are not incarcerated. They wear their own clothes, decorate their own rooms and go outside for regular breaks.  When clients progress to the third phase, which is largely outpatient care, they are employed, and they have secured safe living accommodations. 

The facility is not built around resort-like vistas with cushy accommodations. In fact, it is this austerity that allows BOI to reach hundreds of people every year who otherwise would not have access to addiction treatment. They would remain lost to their families, friends, and communities. 

In the end, it’s not the amenities that help our clients make meaningful enduring change. It’s the warmth, compassion, experience, and knowledge of the Bridges staff who guide each person along their individualized journey to recovery that makes the difference.

We truly care about our clients, and helping them cross over the bridge to a better life – to regain their health, reunite with their families, and return to productivity in the workplace.

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